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Music curation is all about enhancing an experience, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, fashion show, retail store or even a dinner party.

Song selection is an art form that requires good taste as well as musical knowledge.


Next to design, music can help elevate a space to another level.



Step into the vibrant rhythm of a Parisian summer with an exclusive playlist in collaboration with legendary French brand Longchamp.


From chic cafes along the Seine to the bustling streets of Le Marais, immerse yourself in the sounds of the city of light. As you explore the iconic Longchamp x André Saraiva collaboration, let the eclectic beats set the perfect backdrop for your summer adventures.


Bonne écoute!



In a recent collaboration, Alix teamed up with renowned restaurateur Keith McNally to craft playlists for the recently launched Pastis in Miami and the established Italian eatery Morandi in NYC.


Below, you can listen to the playlist specifically created for Late Night at Pastis Miami, featuring a captivating fusion of French, Latin, jazz, reggae, soul, and classic tunes that blend seamlessly in perfect harmony.


Tune into the playlist below made for late Miami nights.


Soho Grand.png

Soho Grand is Manhattan's first luxury boutique hotel which offers an authentic NYC experience in the heart of downtown. When creating Morning, Afternoon, Brunch, Dinner and Late Night playlists for the space, Alix took this into consideration, pulling tracks from her favorite classic NY artists and mixing in some Disco and New Indie to give a more modern feel.

Tune into the playlist below made for early mornings.



When the TriBeCa Grand was rebranded as The Roxy Hotel, Alix was approached to create the playlists for the spaces, as well as curate the in room vinyl record program.

The Roxy has mid-century modern / deco feel with a stage that features some of downtown's most talented jazz trained musicians. It seemed only appropriate to feature Soul deep cuts,

60's and 70's classics, under the radar B-sides, and rare Funk.


Tune into the playlist below made for daytime groovin'.



Alix collaborated with famed luxury resort, GoldenEye in Jamaica, owned by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. She was asked to create three playlists, one for Button Beach,

which featured classic and deep cut reggae daytime jams. Second, for Sunset Cocktails vibe which has a mix of dub and Island Records favorites. Third, a Rum Drinkin' playlist featuring all of the above just up'd the RPMs! 

Tune into the playlist below made for feelin' irie!



 Rochambeau in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood is a French Brasserie that spans two floors, with a full service cafe attached. When asked to curate playlists for the restaurant's Morning, Afternoon, Brunch, Dinner and Late Night service, Alix put together a mix of classic and modern French songs, 60 through 80's classic pop and rock tracks, mixed with new hip hop and dance.

Tune into the playlist below for their Dinner Time tunes:



Soho Diner is a modern American diner that pays homage to the neighborhood’s rich history by blending the simple pleasures of a New York five & dime with the spirit of the city’s current dining scene. When approached to curate playlists as well as the 45rpm jukebox, Alix felt the most appropriate tunes would be from bands that got their start in NYC like Liquid Liquid, Grandmaster Flash, and Patti Smith mixed in with other tunes that fit the vibe.

Tune into the playlist below to get into the New York Groove! 

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