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MUSIC SUPERVISION: the melding of the aesthetic between moving image and sound. It can create underlying emotion and shape tonality. This fusion in its greatest form, unifies a Director's vision with a Musician's artistry, allowing audiences a window into the heart and soul of the story.


  • Script consultation and project approach 

  • Outline music budget, including licensed songs, original song compostion and on camera cues

  • Facilitate hiring of additional music team members including composer, music editor & music producer

  • Create and update cue sheet 

  • Oversee original song production from sourcing talent and artist relations to delivery of final master recordings

  • Negotiation, clearance and licensing of songs


Vertical - 2023

An ambitious journalism student falls under the thrall of an esteemed yet cutthroat news reporter whom she's desperate to impress, even if it means manipulating her latest story - and the very idea of truth itself. Directed by Roxine Helberg and starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Bel Powley.
ate - 2021

A down-on-his-luck social worker finds himself in over his head when he tries to protect a client from her recently paroled husband -- a maniacal drug dealer out to reclaim his priceless stash. Directed by Michele Civetta and starring Shea Whigham, Olivia Munn, Frank Grillo and Bruce Dern with original music by Curtis Harding.
Sky UK / RAI Cinema 2020

Alma and Alex live in an abandoned hotel deep inside the woods. Their mother, a strict, over-protective woman, shelters them from ominous presences - known as the Shadows. But as the sisters grow older, they become. Directed by Carlo Lavagna and starring Mia Threapleton.
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