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Alix Brown is a Music Supervisor and DJ living between LA & NYC.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Alix forged her path at a young age collecting records, DJing at clubs and playing bass in bands while spending time scouring the shelves at local movie rental stores before moving to Memphis, Tennessee. Her time there was spent recording music, touring internationally and running cult famed label Shattered Records.


Alix’s evolution eventually took her to New York City, where her career as a DJ began to take off, mixing soundscapes for designers like Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and playing alongside legends like Mark Ronson, James Murphy, Paris Hilton, Jellybean Benitez and Keb Darge.

While DJing at Soho Grand, she caught the eye (and ear) of President of GrandLife Hotels, Tony Fant. He recognized not only Alix’s DJ talent but also her diversity of music taste, and offered her a job as the Music Director of Soho Grand and the Roxy Hotel New York - which included creating playlists for the many spaces, booking DJs and live performances, overseeing the social media, marketing and keeping up the brand awareness for over 11 years.

Her wide-reaching knowledge of music and film led her toward working in Music Supervision. It was a natural evolution; her early days of working in record stores and digging internationally have amassed her with an enviable record collection and a sonic understanding shared by few.


Her days are spent searching for new sounds that may be used for film soundtracks or to add to the sonically branded playlists she makes for luxury brands like Longchamp, hotels like Goldeneye in Jamaica and restaurants like Keith McNally's Pastis in Miami. She takes a personal approach to each project, considering the space and audience to elevate each experience.

With her carefully developed taste for sound and style, it’s no wonder that she now wields an encyclopedic knowledge of music and film history.


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